Creating Scenarios

A scenario defines a set of actions to be run in sequence. A scenario is created in the scenario builder, which can be opened from the tools menu of the application or by clicking the "Create Scenario" button.


Each scenario has a set of actions, these action can be of one of the following types:
  • *WebRequest*
    • This defines a single webrequest to be sent when the scenario is run.
  • *Script*
    • This is C# script that can be used to edit the contents of the scenario at runtime.
  • *Sleep*
    • Causes the thread running the scenario to sleep for a period of time at runtime.
  • *If Statement*
    • Holds two sets of Actions, one of which is to be run depending on a condition resolved at runtime.
  • *Loop*
    • Holds a set of actions to repeat for a given number of times.
  • *Variable Declaration*
    • Creates a variable to be used by the other actions within the same scenario.
  • *Folder*
    • Holds a set of child actions.

User Interface

  • Actions can be added from the Scenario option on the menu bar or from the add option in the tool bar.
  • New actions are added to the end of the currently selected folder or end of the root list.
  • Actions can be moved around by dragging and dropping
  • To move an action into a folder drag and drop into the folder.

Importing Web Requests

  • WebPALTT can import a saved archive from fiddler2 (a freeware web debugger which can be downloaded from
  • To record using fiddler2, simply have it run in the background while you browse the website (you can also set it up as a reverse proxy to record traffic from another machine - which I have found useful in the past- but it’s more difficult).
  • Once they are recorded you can select the files you need and select "File" > "Save" > "Selected Sessions" > "in Zip Archive...". This saves it into a .saz file (a zip file).

General tips

  • Ensure that all actions have unique names. Specially scripts, variables and if statements.

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