Action - Loop

The loop action loops through the list of actions defined in the loop for a given number of iterations.


  • Name: Used to identify the action
  • Action Type: Always returns ActionType.Loop (enum)
  • Count: Defines the number of iterations the loop is run for (Interger).
    • The Count property is an integer and cannot accept any runtime variables.
    • If the loop count needs to be edited at runtime a script action can access the loop actions 'Count' property and edit it before the loop starts.
    • The loop count can be modified by script from inside the loop but this is not recommended as it may cause unexpected behaviour.
  • Actions: A list of actions to loop through.
    • Once the loop starts, copies of the actions being looped through are added to the loop as they are run.
    • e.g. a loop with 2 actions where the second is a script action returning the value "Loop.Actions.Count", and where the loop runs twice will return 2 followed by 4.
    • The copies of the actions within the loop will add a 1 based integer to the name to indicate which loop the action was run in.
      • e.g. an action with name "action" will be modified to "action(1)" on the first loop, "action(2)" on the second and so on.

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