Action - Script

Creates a custom action defined by C# script that is run during the test.


When compiling the script is entered into the following method declaration.

public string MethodName (ref Scenario _Scenario) 
    // Code...

See the API for more information on what can be accessed from the _Scenario object.


  • Name: Used to identify the action
  • Action Type: Always returns ActionType.Script (enum)
  • Method Name: The name of the method the script is created into (this must be unique for each script)
  • Compile Parameters: A list of additional assemblies to add when compiling the script.
  • Using Statements: A list of using statements to add when compiling the script.

NB: Compile parameters and using statements from one script will apply to all scripts in the scenario.

Validation note: Currently the validation doesn't validate the code. While the functionality was implemented the modules used were a Microsoft CTP and is yet unreleased.
The functionality will hopefully be added in the future. Currently any compile errors are displayed at the start of the test run.

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