Change Log (beta) -> (stable) (Not yet released)

  • Improved the results view
    • Added a summary chart.
  • Changed the validation error order to show validation errors before compile errors.
  • Improved script item validation.
  • Changed the behaviour of the Create New Scenario button to add the scenario created to the current project.
  • Changed the delete shortcut behaviour of the tree view in scenario builder to only fire when the tree view is in focus.
    • Which resulted in the delete node being triggered when trying to delete text elsewhere.
  • Debug Window now shows warnings and errors
  • Fixed a bug where script actions inside folders weren't being compiled.
  • Improved the information shown in the list box for the project.
  • Added new members ActionItemCollection that allows for easier iteration through all actions (including child actions).
  • Improved the fail behaviour when the results cache file cannot be created in a specified location.
    • Cache file will revert to temporary or application dir if custom path errors.
    • Corrected the text shown in error.
  • Added some new fields to AutoComplete window when editing scripts.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple items of the same type are added with the same name.
  • Changed Results list (_Results.Results) to use a custom Collection to allow searching by name and key.
    • due to a bug present in the beat serialization code, project files created in the beta version may not be compatible with this version
  • Added GetHeader(string) and SetHeader(string) to ActionItem_WebRequest to allow changing header info from code.
  • Modified the save to file behaviour of results to only save a subset of the data in the results object.
    • Added the DataHeaders property to ActionItems to list the headers available in the ActionResults.Data after execution.
    • Added the DataHeaders_Save property to define the headers that are saved when the results are saved to a file / database.
    • NB: Editing these properties through script code will have no effect.
  • Removed some duplicate code.
  • Added a static method to each Action with the CustomType string to help with comparison.
  • Created new api (html format now)
  • Added custom action to install API.

Change Log -> (beta)

  • Added fields "Key", "Parent" and "Index" to ActionItem to help keep track of them
    • Selection of ActionItems across the application has been switched to use the "Key" rather than name.
  • Removed set functionality for many ActionItemCollection Fields.
  • ActionItem_Loop
    • Changed Count to use two ints - MaxCount and LoopCount.
    • LoopCount is used to keep track of the loop while running and doesn't serialize.
  • Fixed a bug with loading results not working if a list item wasn't selected first.
  • Separated and reworked the table creation code when the a database is checked / created.
  • Modified some UI elements.
    • Added a new icon set to create more consistency.
    • Changed the AboutBox to use a rich textbox for the description.
    • Changed the behaviour of new windows / messageboxes to use the owner for context.
    • Added a shortcut to the ScenarioBuilder from the main App Page in the ToolStrip.
  • Added the Debug window to run the scenario once and debug step by step.
  • Cleaned up the resource folder
  • UI changes to about box
  • Updated Adding Nodes in Scenario Builder
    • Naming Convention is better
    • Selecting a node before adding allows context for the new node (e.g. Selecting a loop will add the new node into the loops actions list)
    • Temporarily removed the hot keys for new nodes (will be replaced for ease of use with more appropriate keys)
  • Reworked Action items to be mode self sufficient
    • Each Action Item contains the code for execution in it self, and the Engine running the action is more generic.
    • Added an abstract class (ScriptItem) between ActionItem and any actions using the code (c# script, variable, If statement)
    • Added new action type "Folder" which contains a list of other actions.
    • This Also resolves a bug that sometime ignored the connection time to a web server.
  • A separate results object now exists in the script (_Results) that lets the user access already run actions and their results.
    • Any Existing scripts accessing the results of an action will need to be edited.
    • This also means that changing a single instance of the _Scenario object affects all iterations of that object (only affects when using loops, all instances of an action by multiple virtual users are still separate)
  • Added a new option to web requests that allow the user to set if the response information from the request is save to the results.
    • WebRequests can also handle gzip compressed data.
    • Note that saving requests and uncompressing can have a performance impact and should generally be avoided for accurate results.
  • Add Progress bar when running test.
  • Moved the compile parameters and using statements from script actions into the scenario
    • These can now be set in "Scenario Editor > Scenario > Script Options" menu item
    • If an old save file is loaded the parameters revert to default (sorry, not much I could do about this due to how things de-serialize).

NB: I have tried to maintain backwards compatibility with the older version for this release but there may well be errors when opening old saves with this version.

Change Log -> (Merged into release

  • Fixed a bug with loading results not working if a list item wasn't selected first.
  • Separated and reworked the table creation code when the a database is checked / created.
  • Modified some UI elements.

Change Log -> Release

  • Fixed a bug with importing files from fiddler version or higher.

Change Log 0.9.0 ->

  • Changed TestDefinition serialization to include messagelog and results
    • MessageLog and results are now both reset when a test is run (even if it fails)
  • Changed tests to run under a new app domain which is unloaded afterwards
    • This will unload the modules (for scripting) created for previous testruns. Previously they would stay loaded after the test completes.
  • Readded script validation in Scenario Builder
    • Now uses CodeDom to compile and unload the module on a new appdomain.
    • MS Roslyn code removed (was commented out earlier)
  • Registered icon and application with .spf files (scalability project file)
    • the application was already registered for that filetype but the icon wasn't.
  • Default Install location in installer changed from "Program Files/Microsoft/WebPALTT" to "Program Files/WebPALTT".
  • Changed error handling when scripts are run to show original errors (rather than generic TargetIncovation Exception).
    • Errors in scripts are also saved to the results now (rather than only to the log).
  • Content Length in webrequests is now calculated at runtime (incase the content is changed by script / during design).
  • Changed app settings to userSettings
  • Added an options dialog (accessable from Tools > Options) to change user settings.
  • Changed main project output exe to use icon. (also removed the manifest file.)
  • Install creates a new folder called Install Files to store temp files (working on removing them after install)
  • Fixed bug which may have caused archive results to be deleted (rather than all but the last X).
  • Added support for saving results to database server.
  • Moved the HTTP response status for web request results from the status column to the notes field.
    • Status only shows "OK" if no errors or warnings are present.
    • Notes for a web response shows status code and description.
  • Added html format when saving results
  • Cleaned up code for saving results.

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