Project Information

This page contains information about the current state of the project as well as information about future changes / release.

These are features that are expected to be added to the product in the future.

Features for Future Releases

  • HTML Reports
  • More data to save for each action
    • Data sent
    • Transfer rates
  • New Editors in Scenario Builder properties control
    • Editor capable of editing KeyValuePair objects for webRequest headers.
  • More Action Items
    • Exit, Errors, Warnings, etc.
  • Better design time validation of action
    • Code validation / Syntax check
    • WebRequest validation
  • Test run the scenario from Scenario Builder
    • Debug window allowing the user to step through each action, see results etc..
  • Live monitoring of test runs.
  • Reduce the options exposed to script
  • Better handling of custom scripts considering multiple instances of the same scenario.
  • RemoteClient applications to allow running the test from multiple machines.

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