The results for a test can currently be saved to a csv file, an xml file or a sql database.

Once a test completes, the user is prompted to save the results to a file.
  • html file format doesn't currently work.
  • If saved in a format other csv or xml the content of the file will be the same as a csv file.

The Results tab contains the results for the last 50 tests run.
  • These are not specific to the currently open project
  • Selecting a result will display a short summary of the result / test run as well as a chart displaying the aggregated data.
  • Each result can be saved and loaded to the results list as a bin file.
  • Each result can be exported:
    • "Export To File" allows exporting to csv, xml or html.
    • "Export To Database" exports the results to the database specified in the options (Tools > Options > Database).
  • If the Tool > Options >Results > General > Default Save Type field is set to "database", the results are saved to the database automatically after each run.

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